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Posted: 7 April 2015

Website Copywriting: Contextual Links

How often do you use contextual links in your online content? If the answer is. ' I'm not sure' or 'what is a contextual link?

Posted: 14 July 2014

Your target audience

Before you start the important task of planning your website it’s absolutely essential to have a clear understanding of your target audience.

Posted: 31 January 2014

Thanks for the feedback!

It would be great if a website design concept or mock-up was 100% correct first time. However, in reality, changes and tweaks are often required before sign-off.

Posted: 10 November 2013

Preparing a detailed design brief

Larger businesses/organisations often have a good idea of what they want from a new website.

Posted: 18 January 2012

A forum for your website

From time to time clients make a request to have an online Forum associated with their website. Sounds easy enough, but before diving in, what should we consider?

Really old post!

Posted: 31 January 2008

Where's Captain Kirk?

When I was a kid the automatic doors and the multitude of bleeping gadgets in Star Trek fascinated me

Posted: 21 January 2008

Harmonious colours, positive images

Using Colour Choosing the right colours for your website is probably one of the most important design decisions you will make; colour often plays a vital role.

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