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Posted: 31 January 2014 Posted by: Leeroy Lugg. Share via: /

give or take.

It would be great if a website design concept or mock-up was 100% correct the first time. However, in reality, changes and tweaks are often required before sign-off.

A successful website design concept or mock-up can only be realised when all parties involved have a clear understanding of the website’s overall message.

"Avoid sending a list of feedback or suggestions based on staff individual preferences"

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing, uncluttered, focussed layout, it’s vitally important to understand how every design decision for every element has been made.

Don't get personal!

Making design change suggestions based purely on personal preference can result in an unfocused, untidy website that does not represent the needs of your target audience. It’s far better to explain the thought process behind each of your requests when asking for changes.

In short, if you make a request to change something, explain clearly the design decisions behind the request.

Some other points to think about when preparing your feedback …

  • It is not a good idea to send feedback in the form of a list of changes; it’s far better to explain why you feel the design (or design elements) will not work for your target audience.
  • Always ensure that feedback is presented from your target user perspective i.e. we think our target users would prefer x,y and z ...
  • As mentioned already, if you request changes to anything in the layout please be explicit about your design decision for this.
  • Every element on a page has a defined relationship with another element, moving or altering an element will have an effect or impact on the page balance, bear this in mind when requesting any changes.
  • If members of staff have feedback with alternative views agree your differences before sending your feedback.
  • Avoid sending a list of feedback or suggestions based on staff individual preferences.
  • Always send feedback through one person.
  • If possible, try to view the design from a web browser. Don’t make design decisions based on a screen printout, remember your target user will be viewing a website on a computer or a hand-held device, not from a piece of paper.
  • Remember your mobile audience. The layout should be designed with this firmly in mind.
  • If you are viewing the layouts/mock-ups from your personal computer, make sure it is set up correctly. For example, ensure that your monitor's resolution is configured properly and that you are using an up to date browser.

Finally, remember that the computer/device you view the layout on is set up for your personal preferences; every visitor to your site will see a slight variation based on their computer/device screen resolution, available colours, font smoothing, type of monitor, screen size etc.

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