Make simple layout adjustments via the CMS.

Make layout adjustments

With careful forward planning, many content sections can be developed with flexibility in mind. This will enable you to make structural changes to your layout directly from within the CMS.

For instance, you may wish to display a number of content columns on the homepage and then, if required, sort the order of your content. Or you may even wish to swap the position of your sidebar or choose to show/hide other specific page content.

Edit just about everything!

Edit just about everything, fast!

We know that it’s important that you have full control over the whole of your website (not just the primary content section) so we use a CMS that enables you to edit and manage almost every nook and cranny of your site.

To ensure that website management is quick and efficient, we create custom fields that reflect your website's structure, functionality and design. This results in a clean, easy-to-use admin section that's fast and an absolute pleasure to use.

News and Blogging Systems

News and Blogging Systems

Keep your visitors up to date with a simple news section or even extend it into a full blogging system featuring comments, tagging and category filtering.

Your can easily enhance your blog or news posts by adding images, video or audio files.

Calendar and Events

Calendar and Events

If your organisation arranges regular events, an events calendar or events list might be of benefit to your visitors.

Events systems can be linked to third-party software like Eventbrite that will enable your visitors to check availability and book seats online.

Creating an event via the CMS will only take a few minutes, enabling you to push-on with other important tasks.

Repeating Content

Repeating Content

Some pages like a staff page, section teasers, donations or a calendar can be managed via a 'repeater'. This will enable you to easily repeat a similar type of page section with unique content.

Furthermore, you will be able to sort your content sections via drag and drop or hide them by making them inactive.

Content sections can be easily created or deleted with only a couple of clicks.

Image Galleries

Quickly and easily create light-box style image galleries by simply dragging images into the CMS. Improve your galleries by adding image descriptions and sort images positions with a simple drag and drop.


Filtering and Sorting Content

Help your visitors find exactly what they are looking for by filtering and sorting your content into smaller, more relevant blocks of content. Sections such as 'events', 'news', 'publications' or 'projects' can all be quickly filtered, sorted and paginated instantly, live on a page.

Content can be filtered, sorted and arranged via checkboxes, radio-buttons, dropdowns, search fields and range-sliders.

Online shop.

E-commerce solutions that won't break the bank

Build and easily manage a successful responsive online shop without extravagant upfront or excessive ongoing costs. Easily add product images, set prices/product options and write product descriptions directly from within your CMS.

Track your sales, orders and customers with easy to use back-office management via Snipcart or Mal's Ecommerce. Payment gateway integration via PayPal or Stripe.

Graphs and Charts

Using graphs and charts to present information is a great way of ensuring that complex data is quickly and clearly understood. For example, you can publish financial details or donation drive progress on your site using a simple bar, donut or pie graph. If the information is more complex, you can display the information in the form of scatter or multi-axis charts.

Graphs and charts can be visually styled to reflect your organisations identity, and the data easily managed via fields or range-sliders within the CMS.

Multi Language Websites

Multi Language Websites

Managing a multi-language website is easy, you just need to add your translated content to the appropriate language field and press save. You can also publish pages with language specific images, downloadable files and even URL's. If you have multilingual editors the whole CMS can be automatically translated via 'language packs' to make things even easier.

On your website, visitors can use a language switcher to set their language preference.


We develop websites with ProcessWire

ProcessWire is an open source CMS that is easy-to-use and very powerful at the same time, learn more.

We offer a range of free/affordable CMS support options to ensure that your website continues to offer value, stability and return on investment.

*We also develop websites with Wordpress.