Manage your own website with an easy to use Content Management System

Screenshot of Processwire CMSA content management system (CMS) is often a server side application used to simplify the process of creating, publishing and managing website content.

The CMS enables the non-technical user to modify and organise the website content without any knowledge of HTML. Text, images and downloadable files can all be adjusted and easily maintained.

Valuable, relevant and appealing content is often seen as one of the most important elements for any successful website. However, if the content remains static or if it rarely changes, interest in your site may wain and eventually return visits may slow or even grind to a halt.

If you want your website to thrive, grow and succeed the content will need to change on a regular basis. Sections of your site may need to be updated and important news or customer resources may need to be edited or added.

Your CMS will also help you

  • Check your Google Analytics stats right from your CMS admin panel.
  • Easily add Youtube or Vimeo movies to any page - just type in the URL and you're done.
  • Create page Hyperlinks just by simply typing in the URL.
  • Maintain multi-language websites with ease!
  • Manage a calendar or events schedule.
  • Improve SEO by keeping your XML site-map up to date - automatically!
  • Write blog or news posts and manage visitors comments.
  • Maintain a members' area
  • Add interactive Google Maps to any page.
  • Manage an online shop.
  • Add and manage beautiful photo galleries.

Free telephone support

If you are a Suspire Media client we also offer free ongoing telephone support with all CMS related queries, just give us a call and we will be here to help. We currently develop sites with Processwire.

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