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Website design, from £580

We want to offer the very best services no matter the budget. Our start-up package will enable you to have a full professional website (inc CMS and website hosting) designed and developed quickly and efficiently within the confines of a modest budget!

Budget Websites

Preview this starter template


The Kolur start-up package is a flexible, all rounder. It's an ideal starter website package for charities, small buisness and community projects. This demo features a number of optional 'add-ons'. Kolur comes with a full CMS. The 'add-on' feature 'Shop' is also included in this demo.

Preview this starter template


This is a great starter package for any creative business. The homepage displays a large masthead image to promote your latest work and teaser sections linked through to individual galleries. The template includes a news/blog system and as many content pages as required. Cartera comes with a full CMS.

Preview this starter template


Aimed primarily at photographers and artists, this minimally styled starter template makes it easy to professionally present your work via specific galleries. It includes a blog and as many content pages as you need. Folio comes with a full CMS. The 'add-on' feature 'Shop' is also included in this demo.

Preview example starter templates.

Budget website design for charities, individuals & community project

Packages start from £580

As a rule of thumb, we always recommend bespoke website design over an 'off the shelf' template based solution. However, in these uncertain times, we realise that not all businesses or individuals have the kind of budget - or for that matter, the time and resources that bespoke design demands.

To address this we have created a budget start-up package that blends template-based website development with bespoke design.

The start-up package is a complete website solution with a simple pricing structure and includes a CMS, news, responsive design, site planning and website hosting.

Heavy Lifting

As much of the heavy lifting is handled by our starter templates, you can have your website set-up quickly with minimal fuss – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional bespoke website design. Our starter templates are bespoke, carefully crafted and hand-coded from scratch. The templates are robust, very flexible and can be configured and changed to meet your requirements. We do not use commercial/free 3rd party templates.

Enhance your website with 'add-on' components

  • Events Calendar
  • Image galleries and News post mini-galleries
  • YouTube Gallery
  • Multi-language
  • Accordion
  • Gig/events Listings
  • Page Filters
  • News/Blog Commenting System
  • Donations and Fundraising
  • Shop via PayPal
  • Members' only sections
  • Contact form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does planning take place?

Planning normally takes place via video calling apps such as 'Zoom', 'Teams' or 'Sykpe'. We are also very happy to plan your website over the phone and via email. Face-to-face meetings are not included. Download our Planning During Covid-19 booklet (105 KB).

Can we keep our website hosted with the current hosting company?

Yes, if your current host meets the CMS requirements we can develop the website with your current host. If your website project requires more resources or a higher spec, a third party hosting provider can be recommended.

Does the package include a domain name?

We can support you to register a domain name via a third party provider. We can also help you point/direct your domain name to the new website.

How configurable is the template?

Stylistically, almost everything can be changed to meet your visual requirements. For example, you can change the website's colours, the masthead image, font-face, font-size, font colour and logo. To a certain extent, you can also modify the page layouts. For example have sub-page side-bars (inc sub-menu) placed on the left or right, show/hide news and display 2, 3 or 4 homepages 'teasers'. The navigation can be presented as a standard single-level or multi-level 'drop-down-menu' and of course the website page structure/hierarchy will also be changed to reflect your needs.

Additionally, you can extend the website further using 'add-on components' such as an 'events calendar', 'image galleries', 'content accordions' and 'donations/fundraising' tools.

Can we add more feature or make bespoke changes

Yes, we have a number of affordable 'add-on' components and are more than happy to make additional bespoke changes (that go beyond the templates pre-determined constraints) to your site.

Any bespoke changes, including development or planning will be charged at a standard rate of £40 per hour.

Can we use our own Logo?

Yes, of course. Your logo will need to be saved with a png or jpg extension.

Do you add VAT?

We are not VAT registered.

Does the start-up default hosting package include email accounts?

Our start-up package does not include email, it's website hosting only. If you require email accounts, we can support you find a third party hosting provider that also includes email. Third party hosting starts from around £60 a year.

Can we manage the website ourselves

Yes, you will be able to manage the website from a Content Manatement System (CMS). You have full control over the whole of your website (not just the primary content section) so we use a CMS that enables you to edit and manage almost every nook and cranny of your site.

What Content Management System (CMS) is used?

Your website will be developed and managed using ProcessWire.

How many pages can we have?

The CMS makes it very easy to add as as many pages as you require.

Can we 'mix and match' template features?

Yes, we can combine different features and functions from various templates to form a completly new set of page layouts.

Wren's Shop

The Wren’s shop website was developed using our start-up package. The shop is run and managed entirely by volunteers from the village of East Knoyle and its surrounding hamlets. Visit website

T: 01747 832243. M: 07842 599 354
Email: SuspireMedia