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Website design, development & consultation

Bespoke, representative and distinctive

A website can only truly become successful if it accurately portrays the distinctive nature of the company or organisation it represents.

We firmly believe that if you try to force your company’s message into a pre-existing cheap template it will only lead to a diluted message and eventually brand devaluation.

Throwing website copy into a 'cookie cutter' template is not the answer. The answer is to create a bespoke and complimentary design that carefully wraps and enhances your message.

Prices (2024)

Since every website will have a specific set of requirements, it's difficult to give an exact price. However, as a rough guide, the bespoke websites featured in our portfolio range from £4000 - £9000. We do not charge VAT. All websites are bespoke and come with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) and CMS training.

For those working within the confines of a smaller budget, we have created start-up packages that blend modular-based website development with bespoke design. Learn more

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A carefully planned website map is the foundation of a successful website.

Page structure, wireframes & content

We will support you in developing a visual website map that establishes the relationship, structure and organisation of your various pages. The website map will also be used to plan content hierarchy, navigation and identify page titles. A carefully planned website map is the foundation of a successful website, it will provide a great site structure, improve the user experience and focus your message.

Some pages made need additional planning in the form of wireframing. Wireframes are essentially low-fidelity, monochrome, website mock-ups that focus on structure over detail.

The quality of your content (i.e. anything you publish on your website, including text, videos, images etc) will determine the success of your website. We will support and advise you to develop compelling content that's easy to follow with clear calls to action.

Mapping guide

CMS repeater fields screenshot.
Content types are reusable and can be hierarchically arranged on the page.

Page layout & content types

Your page content needs to be organised and prioritised into easy-to-read sections. Typically this is achieved by presenting page content as styled blocks, similar to the one you are reading now. Blocks are not just for text sections, they can be used for any type of page content, such as images, lists, video or even whole page layouts. We call these blocks 'content types'.

Content types are bespoke, flexible and specifically developed to meet your target audience requirements. Each content type is reusable and can be hierarchically arranged on the page easily from the CMS.

Content types follow tried and tested UX design patterns and are developed to reflect your branding and identity.

Content Type Guide

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For your website to succeed, it will need a bespoke, complimentary design that carefully wraps and enhances your message.
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User-experience (UX) design

A clear, user-friendly interface

Your website not only needs to be visually pleasing, it must also have a clear, user-friendly interface that's simple to manage and a pleasure to use.

With careful planning, we will ensure that the quality of interaction between your visitors and your website will always be of the very highest standard.

Creating and developing a website is a little like putting together a complex and rather large jigsaw puzzle. To complete the puzzle it’s generally a good idea to first identify and sort all the individual pieces, and then start the process of putting them all together.

Responsive Design

You shouldn't assume that your visitors will always be browsing your site using a desktop computer. It's very likely that your site will be viewed first via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Responsive design is a set of development techniques that, when deployed, will enable an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

For example, a visitor could be viewing your website via a desktop computer, decide to switch to a iPad and then continue browsing later via their smart phone. As they switch from device to device, the website will automatically re-arrange its navigation and content to accommodate for resolution, image size and functionality.


We believe that website developers have an ethical and at times a legal obligation to create websites that are inclusive and as accessible as feasibly possible.

We make every effort to ensure that the websites we develop are usable, inclusive and accessible regardless of disability/ability.

To ensure the same level of experience for as many people as possible, we build interoperable websites following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and standards-compliant design techniques.

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Other Services

SEO and Content Management

It is possible to bolt on SEO after the site has been launched, however, this is likely to be fairly time consuming, costly and not always effective. Good search engine optimisation needs to begin early, preferably at the website planning and development stage.

To manage your website we recommend ProcessWire – a secure, modern, low maintenance, open-source CMS specifically developed to make website management a breeze!

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Practically zero maintenance, easy to use CMS

Low maintenance, easy to use Content Management Systems

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