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SIH Annual Report 2023


Like most charities, SIH will regularly create and produce a detailed annual report. Traditionally this is achieved by using a printed, paper-based publication.

However, instead of going through the long process of designing, printing and physically distributing the report, SIH decided to publish it online, using a branded domain name. After thorough testing and checking, it was then just a case of sending out email invites and tracking the incoming visits via a simple page counter.

The icing on the cake is that next year, the report will only need minimal structural modifications, with all new content managed in-house via the CMS.

The single-page microsite features slide-out navigation with smooth-scroll 'section jumps', an image gallery, branded financial tables, playable audio files and lots of branded responsive, interactive charts. The annual report is managed via ProcessWire.

Tags: Responsive Design, Microsite, Single-page, Tables, Charts, Responsive Charts/Graphs, Audio, Galleries, Page Counter, Google Map, SEO, CMS.

Yellow door of a townhouse.
Instead of a paper based report, SIH create and produce a detailed digital annual report.
Photo: courtesy of SIH.


Features & screenshots

It might be only one page, but this site packs in a lot! The microsite features, a slide-out menu, interative Google map, image galleries, graphs and charts. The site is responsive and easily updated annually via the CMS.

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SIH Annual Report Screenshot


The masthead section

The masthead section displays a full screen (muted) image with the introduction text, company logo and menu button overlaid.

SIH Annual Report Screenshot


Slide out menu

Site visitors can navigate the page via a slide out menu. When an item is clicked or tapped the page scrolls down the related content section.

SIH Annual Report Screenshot


Financial tables

The site features up-to-date financial annual result tables, graphs and charts.

SIH Annual Report Screenshot


Project Google map

The site features an interactive Google map. When a marker is clicked or tapped project information is presented via a pop up dialog box.

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