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SIH - Annual Report Microsite

SIH portfolio includes temporary accommodation within a hostel setting, self contained general needs accommodation for single people and a small number of family accommodation.

SIH Annual Report

SIH Annual Report Phone

A reusable, on-line annual report

Like most charities, SIH will regularly create and produce a detailed annual report. Traditional this is achieved by using a printed, paper-based publication.

However, instead of going through the long process of designing, printing and physically distributing the report, SIH decided to publish it online, using a branded domain name.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all planning, design and website content population was carried out online using video conferencing software. After thorough testing and checking, it was then just a case of sending out email invites and tracking the incoming visits via a simple page counter.

The icing on the cake is that next year, the report will only need minimal structural modifications, with all new content managed in-house via the CMS.

The single-page microsite features slide-out navigation with smooth-scroll 'sections jumps', an image gallery, branded financial tables, playable audio files and lots of branded interactive charts. The annual report is managed via ProcessWire.

Note: the annual report website is currently being updated live for Aug 2021 publication - things may look a little incomplete.

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SIH Annual Report Phone

Graphs Galore!

The annual report features a range of interactive doughnut, vertical and horizontal bar charts. The charts have been developed using apexcharts and modified to mirror the organisation branding and identity.

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