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Laing Family Trusts


The Laing Family Trusts was established by Sir John Laing in 1952. John Laing founded Laing PLC, the global construction company.

The Laing Family Trusts website is a responsive, minimal, easy-to-use website.

It features four colour coded sections for each of its Trusts. Prospective grant applicants can apply for a grant via an online application 'quiz'.

This process filters out any non-qualifying applicants, reducing staff administration tasks. The Laing Family Trusts website is managed via ProcessWire CMS.

Features: Bespoke Design, Responsive, Web Forms, Google Maps, SEO, CMS.

The Severn Bridge.
The Laing Family Trusts are a group of four grant-making trusts - Beatrice Laing Trust, Kirby Laing Foundation, Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust and Martin Laing Foundation.
Photo: courtesy Laing Family Trusts.


Features & screenshots

The site features colour coded sections, an online application eligibility quiz, and pages detailing the grant payment process.


For security and peace of mind, the website and database is backed-up once a month. See our support plans.

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Laing Family Trusts Screenshot


Four unique Trusts

There are four grant-making trusts (Beatrice Laing Trust, Kirby Laing Foundation, Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust and Martin Laing Foundation).

Laing Family Trusts Screenshot

Colour coding

Colour coded sections

The menu, masthead and font colour of each Trust are specifically colour-coded.

Laing Family Trusts Screenshot


Eligibility quiz

Before applicants can download an application form they must first complete an eligibility quiz.

Laing Family Trusts Screenshot



Successful applicants can download the application form cover sheet.

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