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What's a 404 page?

Posted: 7 November 2023 Posted by: Leeroy Lugg. Share via: /

give or take.

Crafting a nice looking, fuctional 404 page is essential, it will not only enhance the user experience, it will also improve website usability.

Here's a handfull of reasons why we will always suggested using one on your website.

  • Manage the errors: 404 pages work as a safety-net for visitors who might encounter broken or outdated links. Instead of displaying a scary error message, a well-designed 404 page informs users that the requested content is not available including the reasons why.

  • User-Friendly: A good 404 page should include hyper-links to the website's homepage or other essential pages, these links will 'help the lost user get back on track' and find the content they were looking for.

  • Credibility: A well-designed 404 page demonstrates professionalism and care. It reassures visitors that the website is reliable and cares about their experience, even when things go a little wrong.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Custom 404 pages can help search engines understand that a page has gone missing or perhaps moved, reducing the negative impact on search engine ranking. If the page has been carefully populated with useful text a 404 page will also provide an opportunity to link to other pages, improving overall SEO.

  • Branding and Creativity: Some websites use creative and engaging 404 pages to reinforce their brand identity and entertain users. These pages can leave a positive impression and make visitors more likely to return to the site.

To summarise, 404 pages are important for maintaining trust, they will help your visitors find the content they are looking for and can have a positive impact on SEO. A well designed 404 page will contribute to a better overall web experience and are a valuable, if not essential asset to your website.

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