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Search Engine Optimisation tips

Search Engine Optimisation tips for Businesses and Charities

Posted: 14 October 2022 Posted by: Darren Lugg. Share via: /

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Titles tags

A title tag is the text displayed in both your web browser title bar and above your URL address on search engine results pages. Title tags need to be clear and informative for good site navigation and include primary key phrases for search engine indexing. Website copywriters can rewrite title tags for both improved site navigation and better SEO.

Meta descriptions

A meta description is the summary situated below any search requests (search engine listings) for your website. This briefly describes your business, making it easier for readers to quickly understand exactly what services or products you are offering. Good website copywriters will ensure that all of your meta descriptions are clear, concise and offer full value.

Meta keywords

Meta keywords are not actually used by Google, but Yahoo, Bing and other engines still regard these tags as relevant information. These can be added as part of a website optimisation package.


H1s are the main headings located at the top of every website page. These have high SEO value and should contain keywords and phrases that are both helpful to your readers and accurately describe your services, products and location. Website copywriters will ensure that all of your H1’s are engaging and contain keywords and phrases.

H2s to H6s

H2s to H6s are essentially subheadings that run down your pages. These also have high SEO values and should contain key phrases whenever possible. A balance between accurate descriptions to improve readability and key phrases for indexing is good for overall SEO.

Internal contextual links

Internal contextual links help visitors to navigate your website and improve accessibility. Website copywriters will be able to add these links to your content to optimise site navigation.

External reference links

Google values external reference links that are linked to reputable information sources. Website copywriters can add external reference links to your main body text to improve site performance.

Link title attributes

Link title attributes are small pop-up captions that appear over live links. These pop-up captions offer additional information about the link, making it easier for visitors to navigate your site. Link attributes can be added where necessary for improved site navigation.

Alt attribute tags for supporting images

Alt attribute Tags for supporting images are titles that are written within the metadata. These are put in place for software reading technologies used by blind or partially sighted visitors. Google prides itself on accessibility and looks positive on websites that have made an extra effort to boost their own. Website copywriters can add Alt attribute tags to images to increase website accessibility.

With all of your technical areas optimised, your site will have improved navigation, enhanced user experience and increased SEO value.

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