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Membership website, a proof of concept

A simple membership website using ProcessWire CMS and PayPal as a payment gateway

Membership website using PayPal for payment process.

Membership website using PayPal for payment process.

A membership website using PayPal as a payment gateway - a proof of concept

News Posted: 23 April 2021
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Note: This post is currently being developed.

When the time permits, I like to set myself a website dev challenge. During a recent, rather damp bank holiday weekend I decided to embark on a new project, the task, design and build a simple, stylish members' website.

Here's the brief ...

The website brief

  1. Creation of a simple, bright, inviting, responsive website.
  2. The project will need an identity.
  3. Basic branding and a defined target audience.
  4. The website will be managed via an easy to use Content Management System (ProcessWire).
  5. Project to be created without using a dedicated 3rd party membership plugin.
  6. Membership colour coding would be beneficial.
  7. Some visual animation would be nice.
  8. Sign-up form/s with security checks.
  9. Select from three different types of membership.
  10. Instant access to the members' area after payment/registration.
  11. Recurring payments.
  12. Payment processing via PayPal.
  13. Membership sign-up details saved to CMS and also sent out to website owner via email.
  14. Existing members can log in.

Screen Shot1

The homepage details the membership options including clear 'calls to action'.

Screen Shot2

After selecting a membership type, the visitor is asked to complete a short registration form.

Screen Shot 3

The membership 'types' are colour coded blue, red and green.

Screen Shot 4

After the registration form is submitted a number of things happen.

  1. The submitted form information is saved to the CMS database.
  2. The submitted form information is also sent to the website owner via email.
  3. The site visitor will be redirected to a PayPal page to complete payment process.
  4. Site visitors can pay for membership via their PayPal account or alternatively pay with a credit card.

Screen Shot 5

After payment has been made the visitor will be returned back to the website where they can complete the final part of registration, choosing a UN and PW.

Screen Shot 6

Returning members' can login directly via the login page.

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