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Sutasoma Trust, London


The website's monochrome palette creates a harmonious, cohesive look that results in a clean, fresh and visually organised website.

This small charity website features a masthead image slider, an interactive world map - linked through to the Trust's many projects and a sequential photo story section. Sutasoma is managed via ProcessWire CMS.

Features: Bespoke Design, Copywriting Support, Responsive Design, Image Slider, Interactive Map, Web Forms, Video Media, Google Maps, SEO, CMS, Global Charity Trust.

Black and white photo portrait of a middle age woman.
The Sutasoma Trust: supporting humanitarian, educational and artistic projects worldwide.
Photo: courtesy of the Sutosoma Foundation.


Features & screenshots

The site features an interactive, graphical projects map and a number of pages dedicated to the Trusts history and services.

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Sutasoma Screenshot


Sutasoma story page

The roots of the story of Prince Sutasoma come from the Jataka tales and the old Javanese text 'Mpu Tantular's kakawin'.

Sutasoma Screenshot


Sutasoma project map

A simple, interactive graphical world map. The geographical markers are linked to full detail pages.

Sutasoma Screenshot


Project maps

Each project includes a simple, county map - curtesy of

Sutasoma Screenshot


About us page

The site features a simple 'About us' section that includes details about the human rights activist and founder of The Sutasoma Trust.

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