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Saint Marks Church


The Saint Mark's Church website has a clean, minimal interface that features a persistent primary menu that slides back into view as the visitor scrolls down the page.

The site has a large church events section that's easily managed via CSV upload. Other pages include news, church hire, films and a detailed contact/directions page.

The site is managed via Processwire CMS.

Features: Bespoke Design, Responsive, Persistent Menu, CSV Managed Events Section, Web Forms, Video Media, Google Maps, SEO, CMS, Community Church.

Church interior.
St Mark’s is the Parish Church of Woodcote, the church for the local community, and is a welcoming family of Christians of all ages.
Photo: courtesy of St Mark's.


Features & screenshots

The site has a large church events section that's managed via CSV upload. The site also features church service information including church/hall hire and visitors details.

For security the site and database is backed-up once a month. See our support plans.

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Saint Marks Church Screenshot


Slide down menu

The primary menu initially scrolls with the page, however, it gently slides back into view if the visitor chooses to scroll further down the page.

Saint Marks Church Screenshot

Hall Hire

Hire the church or halls

Visitors can learn about the amenities and book the church or hall from a dedicated page.

Saint Marks Church Screenshot


Events managed via CSV

Church events are uploaded via a CSV file. The CSV data is then formatted into an elegant, paginated event list.

Saint Marks Church Screenshot


Contact page

The contact page displays an interactive map, a web-form and other visitor information.

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