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Connifers Care, London


The Connifers Care website boasts a clean, minimal, responsive design themed with a 'woodland' colour palette. The site has a clutter-free interface which is further enhanced via a hidden-away search field that slides into view on request.

The website's main function is to encourage referrals, attract staff and share details about projects and services. The website features stock images from Crocstock and utilises Google Maps to enhance project pages.

Features: Bespoke Design, Responsive, Web Forms, Google Maps, SEO, CMS, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Housing.

Photo of a happy family looking directly at the camera.
Connifers Care specialises in helping adults with mental health problems and those with learning disabilities.
Photo: courtesy Connifers Care


Features & screenshots

This minimally desigend website features plently of 'whitespace', a nature insipred colour pallete, referral section and a set of project pages.

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Connifers Care - clean minimal design.


Woodland theme

Connifers Care uses greens and browns that creates a natural, woodland theme.

Connifers Care Screenshot


Referral Form

One of the primary uses of the site is to encourage referrals, this can be achieved by competing a simple online form.

Connifers Care Screenshot


Clean, grid layout

The site uses a simple, grid system to layout pages and page content.

Connifers Care Screenshot


Projects houses

The project section summarises each home with description text and location details via a Google Map.

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