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The blog is updated when inspiration strikes; sometimes the entries are just thoughts, vague recollections, and those persistent nagging memories that need to be recorded.



About the website

Firehound is a personal blog that consists of Soundcloud tracks, digital art, photography and concise, written posts that stretch way-back to 2003. The site has a dark, bespoke, minimalist theme, bold typography with a focus on readability.

The site also features categorised posts, post tags and reader comments. The site is powered via ProcessWire.

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Tags: Bespoke Responsive Design, Star Rating System, Comments, Cookie Management, Tagging, Typography, Blog, Audio, Instagram, SEO, CMS, Blog, Digital Art, Writing.

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Typography, white-space and alignment

Like most blogs, Firehound is essentially a text based website. So with this in mind emphasis was applied to ensuring readability, typography, alignment and good white space. Fonts used: Helvetica/Arial and Roboto.

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