Social Media platforms like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook are more than just passive micro-photo/blogging systems, they are potentially very powerful tools that can help you promote your business or services on-line.

By taking advantage of these platforms you can quickly build an on-line community of targeted followers who will share your message and increase high value visits to your website.

Furthermore, when used strategically you can engage directly with your target audience, share your values and define your brand.

We can ...

  • create a branded Twitter or Facebook page
  • ensure that your posts look great in Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter
  • use Facebook social plugins such as Like Box, Recommendations box and Comment box.
  • embed a Twitter feed directly into your website
  • add Share buttons to news articles or important pages
  • add Facebook or Pinterest 'like' and 'follow' buttons to articles, products or website pages
  • harness the power of photography by embedding an Instagram or Flickr feed.
  • help you prepare a social media strategy
  • support you with creating social media policies

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