Full Bespoke Web Development Service A semi-bespoke website based on starter template
Detailed (onsite) website planning meetings. Telephone assessment of general requirements.
Target user audience meeting. Telephone advice to identify target users.
Website Mapping (site pages) meeting Telephone advice to identify required pages.
Bespoke graphical mock-ups based on planning meetings. Colour changes, your logo added and layout adjustments based on the template pre-determined constraints.
Advanced Search Engine Optimisation planning. Basic SEO advice.
Bespoke detailed changes made to mock-ups. Available at £40 per hour.
Bespoke coding work (site structure, site theme, cms custom fields etc) Available at £40 per hour. View potential CMS enhancments.
Development site uploaded to dev server for testing. N/A
Bespoke mobile design. Default starter template mobile design. Modifications at £40 per hour.
Copywriting Support Available at £40 per hour.
Bespoke functionality. Available at £40 per hour.
Full content population (images, files etc). Basic content population (placement text/example images).
Population of site stucture (pages). Population of site stucture (up to 20 pages).
Full one to one CMS training session/s. Online Starter Guide. One to one CMS training available at £40 per hour.
Ongoing free telephone CMS support Monthly support packages available from £40 per month (no contract).
Hosted on a platform of your choice. Basic budget hosting package (included).

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