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Intranet tools and document management for charities 

An affordable, easy to manage Document Management System that makes remote working a little bit easier

DMS login screen

Staff intranet tools and document management

This light-weight, intranet-tool has been specifically developed for small to medium sized charities who now find their teams working from home. The DMS also includes a set of additional powerful features (membership management, staff-directory, news, events, pages, content filters, and embedded video galleries) that make remote working a little bit easier.

The DMS is brandable, has a small footprint, uses minimal resources and can be installed on the same server as your website. If you would like to learn more and try out the DMS please drop us a line or give us a call. We will then set-up a DMS demo and schedule a telephone or video-conferencing walk-through.

Easy Document Management

Instead of storing your staff documents in the office filing cabinet or scattering your files around the web via various cloud based services, store them all in one place, a brandable, easy to manage Document Management System.

Our DMS makes it easy to create specific document sections that list your organisations downloadable files. Supported common document file-types include doc, docx, odt, csv, xls, txt, pdf, jpg, png, gif, png, mp3.

Access Permissions

Group Access Permissions

The DMS can be set-up to use any number of specific user access roles. For example, you can create individual roles for your 'managers', 'staff' and 'volunteers' and then give them access to specific sections of the DMS. Managers will be able to view all sections, Staff will be able to view most sections and Volunteers will only be able to access the sections relevant to thier role.

To login to the DMS team members will be issued with a unique username and a password.

Branded login screen

Branding, Identity and Customisation

The DMS has been carefully designed to be easy on the eye often requiring only minimal re-branding. The login page can be adjusted directly from the CMS to include your own full-screen background image and you can use your own logo. Additionally, the ultra-clean interface can be customised to include your organisations branding. Colours, font preferences and other visual features related to your identity can all be modified to meet your needs.

News and Events

News, Training and Events

Keep your staff up-to-date via a staff news, training and events sections or extend this into a staff discussion system via comments, post tagging and category filtering. You can easily enhance your news and event posts by adding images, video, audio, Google-maps and downloadable files.

By harnessing third party services such as EventBrite your meetings and functions can all become on-line bookable events. Past events are automaticlly archived and hidden away, however, they are saved within the DMS to be used again if required.

Staff Directory

Staff Directory

A staff directory helps keep your home-workers feeling united and part of the team. The staff directory, typically displayed as a set of 'profile cards' or profile photo's also include micro-text such as full name, job postion and contact details. If required cards can be linked through to a longer 'full details' page where staff can manage their own profiles.

The staff directory can be sorted via a set of page filters, these filters can sort the cards into various categories such as 'staff position', 'project name', 'location' etc.

Keyword Search and Page Filters

Keyword Search and Page Filters

To help staff find the resources they are looking for all document listing pages come equipped with keyword filtering and sorting options. However, if required, the filters can be extended further to also include checkboxes, radio-buttons, drop-downs, search fields and range-sliders.

The DMS also has a traditional 'website search' feature enabling staff to quickly search through all pages within the DMS.

A Smarter kind of Navigation Menu

The DMS features a rather smart, accordion style menu that makes navigation a breeze. Instead of opening pages, the menu reveals 'content sections', each section lists the pages within. To increase usability a temporary 'session cookie' is deployed to keep the active section open. This allows the visitor to browse through the other related pages listed in the section.

Each section heading displays a number indicating how many pages or sub-pages are available within each section.

Links panel

External Links Panel

A single click will reveal an animated slide-down external links panel. Staff can toggle this panel on and off to quickly display mobile friendly 'button links' to useful websites and other online resources such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.

The links panel is managed via the CMS.



Create, edit and display your tabular data by building out your tables directly from within the CMS. Tables will be responsive, so if staff are browsing the data via their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, it will be always be accessible and viewable

At the click of a button, table data can be downloaded as a CSV file (Comma Separated Values). Staff can then import the CSV directly into their favorite speadsheet or database app.


Training and Presentation Video Wall

Embedding YouTube videos or uploading your own audio files can all be easily achieved via the DMS. However, if you would like something a little more elegant a video gallery might be a good option. Use the video gallery to display training videos, conferences or just general staff announcement messages. The gallery is easily managed directly from the CMS. Note: the video gallery is currently only compatible with single play YouTube videos.

A fully responsive, mobile friendly interface

The DMS has been designed to be responsive and features mobile friendly navigation, tables, video and images. Remote working staff can access the DMS content from wherever they are.

Managers, staff, voluteers and trustees can log into the DMS via a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and have direct access to all the news, events, files, documents, the staff directory and other essential company information.



Behind the scenes the DMS is managed via the very powerful and easy to use CMS/F (Content Management System/Framework) 'ProcessWire'.

ProcessWire boasts custom fields, a secure foundation, proven scalability and great performance. ProcessWire connects all of your content seamlessly, making your job of managing the DMS fast and very easy.

Learn more about ProcessWire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will we need to upgrade our current hosting package to accommodate the DMS?

A: You may. The DMS is not resource hungry, but if you are intending to upload many files you will obviously need the web-space to accommodate them. We can help you investigate if an upgrade is necessary.

Q: Will we receive support setting-up our DMS?

A: Yes, we will help with planning, setting-up the DMS sections and page structure. We will also help you with building up the staff membership system. We will even help out uploading your content and files to the DMS.

Q: Is DMS training sessions included?

A: Yes, the CMS that's used to manage the DMS is very easy to learn, so we include a two hour telephone training session to get you started .

Q: Can we use the DMS to store sensitive documents?

A: Unfortunately websites are always at risk of data-breaches and hacking attempts so we would strongly advise that the DMS is only used to store non-sensitive data.


Try out the DMS demo

If you would like to schedule a telephone DMS walk-through simply drop us a line and we will arrange a time and date suitable for you.


T: 01747 832243. M: 07842 599 354
Email: SuspireMedia