As seen on a mobile phoneMost modern mobile devices (tablets and phones) can already access a traditionally designed website adequately enough for most of us to use; they are however, still far from perfect.

For example, it is often the case that Smart-Phone visitors will need to pinch and zoom your website pages in order to see or read your copy. Without the 'pinching and zooming’, your copy is practically unreadable and site navigation will be difficult.

Also, what happens when your visitors decide to rotate their device from portrait to landscape, does the website hold together and respond well?

Don't make your visitors work to read your copy

So, instead of making your visitors work to read your copy or struggle to navigate pages why not make your website respond to their particular browsing needs.

Modern desktop (and mobile browsing) software has made it possible for web developers to build websites that respond directly to the user’s requirements. By harnessing these new capabilities web designers can now build responsively designed websites.

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