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We ask you to complete the website design questionnaire and email it back to us. Alternatively, if you have one, you provide us with your detailed website design brief and any specific requirements.

Step 1: Discovery.
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Quote and Proposal

We supply you with a detailed quote based on the information and website requirements you have submitted to-date. If you feel the quote is acceptable, we will follow up with a comprehensive website design proposal.

Step 2: Quote and Proposal.
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Site Planning and Mapping

An initial meeting takes place. We discuss your target audience, site-branding and clarify your message. We work on creating a detailed website map, discuss functionality, accessibility, usability and plan a coherent SEO strategy.

Step 3: Site Planning and Mapping.

Visual Design and Website Compositions

We create a set of bespoke static layouts (desktop and Mobile) depicting the look and feel of your website. Revision and changes take place based on target audience specific feedback. After final approval the layouts are signed off.

Step 4: Visuals and Composition.
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Coding and Server Side Work

The static layouts are converted into working HTML templates. Server side-work commences including the installation of the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is configured to reflect your specific requirements, and website templates are incorporated into the CMS. The website structure is created mirroring the website map.

Step 5: Coding and Server Side Work.

Content, Launch and Training

We add your final content to your website via the CMS. A CMS training session is arranged so you can update/manage your website independently. After rigorous checks the website is launched.

Step 6: Checks, Training and Launch.
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Free CMS support and affordable back-up services

Forgotten how to edit your copy or drawn a complete blank on how to create a new page? Don't worry, we offer free ongoing telephone support, just give us a call – we are here to help!

For extra peace of mind, we also offer monthly website back-up services and a range of maintenance contracts. Get in touch to learn more.

Free support, affordable back-up services.