Manage your email with Round Cube and Cpanel.

Manage your email with Round Cube and Cpanel.

Delete email using Round Cube

If your website is managed via cpanel there's a good chance that from time to time you will get an automated email from the server stating that you are running out of space. First thing to do is, "Don't Panic"!

The space issue is often a result of a back-log of old email still sitting on the server, with the culprit being the default and often unused email address. So the first thing to do is have peek at your email account via Cpanel.

Access Cpanel

To access your email setting you will need log into your hosting control panel, with a URL similar to this:

Enter your username (UN) and password (PW) into the required fields and press the Login button.

Tip: Your UN and PW are normally sent to you by the hosting company shortly after purchasing your account. Don't confuse your cPanel UN / PW with the UN / PW for your CMS, they are completely different.

Once logged in follow these steps …

Once logged into Round Cube follow these final steps ...

To speed things up you can multi-select email by using Shift/Select.

If, after deleting all the old email you are still receiving warning email talk to your web developer about removing old web-files or if necessary talk to your host about upgrading your hosting account to handle additional storage.

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