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Yes, I'm happy to sign-off the website layouts

This sign-off relates to the website layouts.


Layout sign off

This sign-off relates to the website design (structure/layout).

  • Agreement of site graphics including all primary background colours and black/grey/white/textures etc.
  • Agreement of template structure, such as the websites max-width, sidebar, headers, masthead, footers, position of content, buttons, primary-menu, sub-menu, card layout etc.
  • Agreement of website typography, headings, text overlays, body content, paragraphs etc. The templates currently uses Poppins for headings and body text. Poppins is a Google Font.
  • Agreement of navigation menu styles - primary (dropdown) and sidebar menu's.


  • View website Map
  • Website layouts (PDF)

i.e. Manager, Director, Project Worker etc.

I agree that the website template/s meets my specifications and now give permission to begin the next phase of the project.


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