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Website launch, the Sutasoma Trust

Posted: Monday, 21 December 2015. Post tagged with: CharitiesSite launchDesignProcesswire
Posted by: Leeroy Lugg

Sutasoma Trust website screenshot
Click the image to see a larger screenshot.

The Sutasoma Trust provides support and assistance to a wide range of humanitarian and educational projects throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA. The Sutasoma Trust takes its name from Prince Sutasoma, the ‘Enlightened One’ who taught Buddhism in India around the 5th century BC.

The site was built using the open source CMS ProcessWire and boasts a bespoke, uncluttered design.

The site also features photo essays (photo blogs), an interactive world map and masthead image sliders. The site is responsive and therefore looks great on desktop, tablet or phone.

Website copy and SEO was enhanced by

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