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St Mark's gets a mention in 'ProcessWire Weekly'

Posted: Saturday, 13 May 2017. Post tagged with: Site launchProcesswireDesign
Posted by: Leeroy Lugg

We were thrilled to see that the St Mark's website gets a mention in ProcessWire Weekly, here's a teaser ...

St Marks as seen on a iPad
The St Mark's website viewed via an iPad.

The look and feel of the site brings to mind concepts such as "friendly", "welcoming", and "slightly old-fashioned" – all of which seem well suited for a site of a local church. Behind the scenes this site uses a light-weight, responsive grid, and styles that don't seem like any front-end framework that we would recognize.

Other noteworthy details include the carousel elements that make use of the Owl Carousel jQuery plugin, mobile navigation which is handled by SlickNav, sticky header using Headhesive.js, and the contact form is powered by the FormBuilder module.

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